1. (a) Competitors may compete in their own age section and in the age section above, but are not permitted to repeat any performances. (b) If a section is unavailable in a competitor’s age group, they may compete in the closest age (up an age group) division available. But may not compete down an age group. (c) Groups must have a reasonable percentage of dancers in the age of the section they are entering.Age of competitor is AS AT JANUARY 1, in the year of participation.
  2. Late entries are accepted ONLY UP UNTIL 1 WEEK after the official closing date at Double Fee.
  3. No competitor may appear more than once in a solo section, twice in a duo section with a different partner and twice in a group section.
  4. Championship entry – Competitors must have competed in at least 2 previous Solo Sections to be eligible
  5. All competitors are required to report to the back stage manager prior to the commencement of their section.
  6. The committee reserves the right to alter or amend the programme in any way and at any time; to refuse entry, cancel any entries, refund entry fees (for special reasons to be supplied by the person making the entry), or cancel any event where entries are insufficient to continue with that particular section.
  7. The committee reserves the right to appoint a substitute adjudicator (if for some reason, either personal or impersonal, the need may arise.)
  8. In all duo sections, the names of both partners must be stated on the entry form, but one partner may be substituted. The convenor must be notified for approval at an early stage.
  9. Protests must be made in writing and lodged with the Convenor or other responsible committee member within one hour of the completion of the relevant section, accompanied by a fee of $10 (Please do not approach the adjudicator). This will be refunded if the protest is upheld. Any protest or objection of a technical nature shall be referred to a protest committee for settlement, and its decision will be final and accepted without further question. A protest will only be accepted from a competitor, the competitor’s teacher or competitor’s parent.
  10.  All competitors take part in the eisteddfod at their own risk. “StarBound” accept NO responsibility for any accidents/injury to any persons associated with the festival, either as a Competitor, Volunteer, or member of the General Public, at any time.
  12. Unless for reasons approved by the Convener or committee, personal communication with, or representations to, the adjudicator during the festival is strictly prohibited. This applies equally to competitors, teachers, parents, friends, spectators at the festival, or other interested parties. The committee will consider disqualification of any competitor involved in a breach of this rule.
  13. In the interest of fairness, performers who have been a pupil of the adjudicator during a period of 12 months prior to the festival are not eligible to compete.
  14. No person shall be permitted to enter or leave the hall whilst any performance is in progress, or whilst adjudication is taking place, as this may cause a disturbance for the competitors.
  15. There is no minimum time limit. Maximum time limits will be enforced.
  16. SOLOS -3 minutes, SONG & DANCE + DUOS – 4 minutes GROUPES – 5 minutes
  17. Improvisation: Involves creating and executing movement spontaneously, without any premeditated movement.Improvisation -(Competitor will listen to the music provided prior to going on stage, and then perform their own interpretation. No Costume.  Basic Dance Attire.  No Sparkles or Studio Logos).
  18. STUDENT OWN CHOREOGRAPHY –  Time Limit: 3 minutes OWN CHOREOGRAPHY: Routine self choreographed by competitor – costumes permitted
  19. All Music to be uploaded to Starbound. (No CDs Excepted)
  20. Props must be kept to a minimum to avoid delays between items.
  21. VIDEOGRAPHY The taking of Video by cameras, video cameras or mobile phone cameras of any performance is strictly forbidden. This is a rule of the Child Protection Act. We provide a professional service that is covered by the QLD Government Service,  and is registered under the Blue Card screening system. The Videography is arranged by Starbound Entertains and with the consent of the Parent/Teacher prior to the performance. Should this rule not be adhered to then this may result in disqualification. Any device with a screen is strictly forbidden to be used by audience members during any performance
  2. The adjudicator reserves the right to terminate a competitor’s performance at any time for whatever reason.
  3. The adjudicator may exercise discretion to withhold one or more prizes in any section of the festival.
  4. Competitors, teachers and parents must vacate backstage immediately after the performance.
  5. It is the Teachers’ responsibility to ensure that Parents or Carers are aware of these Rules and Conditions
  1. Events can only be timetabled after close of entries when we know the total number of participants, so exact dates and times cannot be given in advance.
  2. NOVICE SECTIONS: Novice entrants must not have places 1st 2nd or 3rd in any competition as at the 1/1/2022. Entrants in Novice sections are NOT eligible for entry into Championships OR  repeat a item in any other section.
    • Refunds 
    • No refund will be granted, unless a section has been cancelled by StarBound.
    • We can, however combine sections due to lack of numbers.
    • StarBound, does reserve the right to change competition days or move the location due to unforeseen circumstances and entries will not be refunded, but we can give a credit to another of our events.
    • We DO NOT provide refunds or transfers for change of mind, or clash with another competition or commitment.
    • If you have made a mistake (e.g. double entries) or the dancer is injured (with proof) we will transfer to another of our events.

JAZZ: A routine using Jazz technique and upbeat music. Commercial Jazz, Funky Jazz or Broadway jazz routines are acceptable

CONTEMPORARY: Consists of Modern and Ballet technique.  Interpretive dance using balance, control, contraction, release, gravity and weight, swing, rebound, fall, recovery and suspension

LYRICAL: Previously known as Slow Modern – slow controlled movement that demonstrates a close connection to and understanding of the music. With Ballet technique.

CLASSICAL BALLET: Routine must be comprised of Ballet technique incorporating formal classical movements and lines.

DEMI-CHARACTER: Classical ballet includes mime, acting, story-telling set to music.  Based on Classical Ballet technique.  The storyline or portrayal of a character must be as strong and equal to the dance component.

HIP HOP: Popular, high energetic routine using street styles of dance.

THEATRICAL: SONG & DANCE/TAP: Routine must contain both singing & dancing. ( 50% Vocal & 50% Dance) Singing or vocals are not permitted on backing track. However, we do allow for some backing vocals and full vocals on the dance section only.

TAP: Any style or tempo of Tap dancing, including techniques such as; tonality, musicality, rhythm and syncopation. • No pre-recorded Tap sounds in the music are allowed. • Tap shoes must be worn

ACROBATICS: A routine containing acrobatic /gymnastic movement: routine must contain dance choreography and may contain contortion work.

ENTERTAINMENT: Any style of entertaining routine. May include – novelty/cabaret/acrobatics/musical comedy/national/vocal & drama


MUSICAL THEATRE: Vocal section. A live presentation from a stage or film Musical. It may include a line of dialogue and minimal dance moves. • Must be presented in the style from a stage or screen musical.

VOCAL: Any style or genre of song

POPULAR VOCAL: A song that has been widely circulated and commercially promoted as such.

IMPROVISATION: Involves creating and executing movement spontaneously, without any premeditated movement.

OWN CHOREOGRAPHY: A routine that is self choreographed by the competitor who is performing it. – Costumes permitted.

NOVICE SECTIONS: are for competitors that have NOT placed 1st 2nd or 3rd in any dance competition as at the 1/1/2022 Entrants in Novice sections may NOT repeat a dance in any other section.

CHAMPIONSHIPS – To qualify for the championship section you must compete in at least 2 other sections (any genre) prior to the championship section. You then must perform a different routine in the championship section (any genre) and you cannot repeat an already performed routine. NB: Entrants in Novice sections are NOT eligible for entry into Championships.



  1. You may perform up an age in the DUO/TRIO sections  as well as your own age if you have more than one routine in a category
  2. You may not perform more than once in a section with the same partner but you may perform several times in a section with different partners.