Results Starbound Eisteddfod Saturday 5th – GROUP SECTIONS

High Schools
1st St Andrews College B, 2nd Marymount College B, 3rd Southport State High School
HC Southport 1A, Marymount A, St Andrews A, Emmanuel

12yrs & under Theatrical
1st N.A.P.A., 2nd D.L.D.C, 3rd N.A.P.A
HC Triple Talent / Dance Fever

8yrs & under Tap
1st Dance Technique

8yrs / 10yrs/ 12yrs Classical groups
1st Dance Technique, 2nd Kay Flynn & Amanda Bollinger, 3rd Dance Fever

10yrs & under Theatrical
1st Dance Technique, 2nd Dance Fever, 3rd N.A.P.A a / Dance Technique b
HC Dance Fever a / industry Dance / Showbiz Express / N.A.P.A b

8yrs & under Modern
1st Amanda Bollinger, 2nd Dance Technique

12yrs & under Entertainment
1st N.A.P.A, 2nd N.A.P.A, 3rd Dance Fever / Triple Talent
HC Born to Dance

8yrs & under Theatrical  
1st N.A.P.A, 2nd Dance Technique

10yrs & under Popular
1st DLDC, 2nd Triple Talent, 3rd Street Jam
HC Dance Fever

8yrs & under Popular
1st Dance Technique, 2nd N.A.P.A, 3rd LR Dance / Triple Talent
HC Triple Talent a/ Dance Fever/ Ashmore Dance showbiz Express

10yrs & under Tap Group
1st Dance Technique, 2nd DLDC, 3rd Showbiz Express

12yrs & under Popular
1st Triple Talent, 2nd DLDC, 3rd LR Dance
HC Street Jam

12yrs & under Tap
1st DLDC

12yrs & under Modern   
1st LR Dance, 2nd Ashmore Dance b, 3rd Triple Talent a / Ashmore Dance a
HC Born to Dance / DLDC / Dance Fever / Triple Talent b / born to Dance b