Friday Morning
STT6 6yrs & Under Tiny Tots Solo

1st – Maddie Mills
2nd – Nevada Newman
3rd – Isabella Page, Sayuri Xian
Highly Commended – Indy-Rose Barry
SC6 6yrs & Under Classical Solo
1st – Charlotte Gloster
2nd – Maddie Mills
3rd – Sayuri Xian
Highly Commended – Daisy Sexton, Alexia Palumbo, Darcie Sinclair, Paige Wilson
STH16 16yrs & Under Theatrical Solo & STHO Open Theatrical Solo
1st – Lincoln Jamieson
2nd – Melanie Sharp
3rd – Kirsty Campbell
Highly Commended – Rochelle De Snoo
STT5 5yrs & Under Tiny Tots Solo
1st – Paige Orminston
2nd – Charlotte Ridley
3rd – Daisy Sexton, Poppy Sexton, Holly Wilson
Highly Commended – Mia Cuthbertson, Lexi Kleinman, Lexi Gillie, Marleigh Cox, Matilda Price, Darcie Sinclair, Indy-Rose Barry, Nevaeh Barry
DT15 15yrs & under duo/trio
1st – Chiara Poletto + Alyssa Romano
2nd – Sabella + Elke Paes & Bianca Cronin
3rd – Georgia Mourant + Ebony Murray
Highly Commended – Jack Watson + Lara Salamacha, Dakota Duffell + Emma Campbell
STH6 6yrs and under theatrical solo
1st – Paige Wilson
2nd – Addison Ridley
3rd – Isla Newman
Highly Commended – Mia Cuthberston, Paige Ormiston, Nevada Newman
SP6 6yrs & under Popular solo
1st – Maddie Mills
2nd – Alannnah Jarquin
3rd – Alexia Palumbo
Highly Commended – Charlotte Gloster, Marley Ambridge, Sayuri Xian
SM16 16yrs & under Modern Solo
1st – Isabella Crain
2nd – Henriette Hartl, Joel Murphy
3rd – Nina Pilgujski
Highly commended – Devante Latorre, Allyson Henson, Taylor Beer
SP16 16yrs and under Popular solo
1st – Devante Latorre
2nd – Alina Suvorina
3rd – Maddy Fitisemanu, Allyson Henson
Highly Commended – Parris Hicholson, Shania Locke
SE16 16yrs and under Entertainment solo
1st – Jack Watson, Brtukan Emerson
2nd – Chloe Finlay
3rd – Kirsty Campbell
Highly Commended – Kyanne Nicolls
SMO Open age Modern Solo
1st – Henriette Hartl
2nd – Allyson Henson
3rd – Jade Carnall, Taylor Beer
Highly Commended – Ashleigh Cosgrove
SEO Open age Entertainment Solo
1st – Carlie Kendall
2nd – Sasha Dyson
3rd – Rochelle De Snoo, Taylor Beer
ST16 16yrs & Under Tap Solo & Open Age Tap Solo
1st – Nina Pilgujski
2nd – Georgia Merridth
3rd – Kyanne Nicolls
SC16 16yrs & Under Classical Solo
1st – Henriette Hartl
2nd – Rachael O’Connor
3rd – Georgia Meredith
SPO Open Age Popular Solo
1st – Sam Nozuhur
2nd – Allyson Henson
3rd – Luke Lansdowne
Highly Commended – Talina Cauchi
DTO Open Age Duo/Trio
1st – Joel Murphy + Holly + Ryley Johnston, Tiara + Shania Locke
2nd – Kirsty + Emma Campbell
3rd – Luke Lansdowne + Laetitia Arthur
Highly Commended – Annabel + Jessica Boersen